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Welcome to the website of QPHS Class '67 graduates. If you are a first time visitor please feel free to browse through the pages of our site. Before you leave send us an email to receive news and information of upcoming reunions. You may consider to add this address to your ‘Favorites’ or to your ‘Bookmark’  Cheers!

Next Grand Reunion

Lucena City: May 19 & 20, 2007 (send us an email for further details)
On Fri, 22 Dec 2006 21:12gracey786@hotmail.com sent:

Greetings!  This is Max (Danila) saying hi and hello. So what's the agenda for the upcoming grand reunion? Is everyone heading home?? Please let me know and send me some details to this email address. gracey786@hotmail.com

Thanks and Happy holidays from my family to yours! 

Max Danila
ph 1 973 450 4066
729 Washington Avenue 15 Belleville NJ, 07109

PLAY MUSIC...IsangTaongLumipas


We had a very wonderful happenings last night and we really missed those who were not able to attend our get together. Full of surprises and we really had fun as if we're still in our high school days. The only thing changed is wala nang mahiyain sa grupo. We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Bal and Demy Maano for lending their helping hands  to make this affair successful. 


aloha for now and watch for more reports from the rest of the gang. >>> andy v.


dear friends,

Thanks for a wonderful time in las vegas but especially Reminiscing our schooldays. Thanks for all the people who organize And made this event a successful one. Its highly appreciated.lalo na Marami kaming nakilalang bagong kaibigan. Yoon mga asawa ng class 67.  Lahat sila mababait we should all be thankful to god for giving us a Good husband wife & kids.


In behalf of my family we would like to say thanks for the marvelous time last weekend.      >>> behl


The feeling is mutual! We had a blast. I enjoyed meeting everyone. I hope my 40th reunion next month will be as much fun. Red and I were very glad to meet you and your family. Hope to see you sooner than Feb.2007.   always,   >>>  inda/red

Please get in touch with any questions or comments on our site.

Bob Mendoza (Sydney, Australia)

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